If you continue to follow my blog you will probably hear me share stories about my partner and the amazing things she is constantly doing for the people in our life. Ridiculous even… I mean this in the best way possible! Her name is Jojo and we have been together for just about 3 years (August 5th to be exact).

I often ask myself… WHAT THE HELL did I do to deserve someone so thoughtful, loving, passionate, and kind. I promise you in advance that the rants I go on, and the stories that I will share about Jojo and our relationship in NO WAY ever are going to be me trying to brag or boast about our life together.

I am just so grateful to have her in my life. Trust me, I have been in unhealthy relationships in my past and I could have never dreamt of deserving or having a partner like her. Not only is Jojo beautiful on the outside, but her heart is what made me, my family, and all of my friends fall for her when we first met.


Ok.. ok…  The real reason behind this post… tomorrow (June 20th) is my 28th birthday. I came home from work today to find that all of the laundry had been folded (AHHHMAZING, never happens!) AND dinner was done! SAAYY WHATT?? Why I asked?

“Because its your birthday eve duhh!!”

I’ll take it, I thought! Dinner was delicious (she is such a great cook)! But That wasn’t it…

After dinner we were both ready to get comfy on the couch to watch some TV, and as I am moving the pillows on the couch…



THE GLAMGLOW‬ mask I have been dreaming about!! AND THEN this beautiful michaelkors‬ clutch that is just so perfect for those days I don’t feel like carrying my big ol bag!!

I am so ‪‎blessed‬ and‪ spoiled‬ to have a partner that listens and knows the things that I love.

Thank you my love for always going beyond! (P.S. I told her that I didn’t want anything!!)

The first step towards being Beyond Beautiful, comes from being YOU. 



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