Lets do this…

First and foremost I want to start out by saying… I in no way am an expert, I am not a licensed cosmetologist, and I am definitely not a writer. My posts will more then likely be filled with grammatical errors, obnoxious opinions and all of the passion that I have for all things beauty!

Great… so now that I got that out of the way…

My name is Rachel Butas and this is Beyond BeYOUty… Like how I used that little play on words 😉 The whole reason I have been wanting to start a blog is because I am very passionate about beauty products and opinionated… on well everything.

I always do my best to have a positive outlook on life and love. I hope to share that with anyone willing to listen 🙂

I plan to share my most favorite beauty products, reviews, first impressions and life adventures. I hope to build a community of followers that are just as passionate about beauty and life as I am.

The first step towards being Beyond Beautiful, comes from being YOU. 


The Golden Nugget - Laughlin Nevada
The Golden Nugget – Laughlin Nevada